Hip Hop is dying because boys are now dancing on TikTok – Rapper Dandizzy

Budding Nigerian rapper, Dandizzy has shared his thoughts on why Hip Hop is dying in the scope of modern music.

He opined that it is because boys who would normally be rapping along to Hip Hop jams are no longer doing that, rather they are now listening to love songs.

Hip Hop is dying because boys are now dancing on TikTok - Rapper Dandizzy

The street rap star particularly expressed displeasure with the fact that many young men have joined women to be doing dance challenges to love songs on TikTok.

Dandizzy’s comment is most likely in reference to the early 2000s, when boys in High school would master the lyrics of Hip Hop legends like Tupac, B.I.G, Snoop Dogg and Eminem.

He said; “Hip hop is dying because boys who’re supposed to be rapping along to hip hop songs are on Tik Tok dancing to love songs.”

Meanwhile, in other news…

Nigerian superstar singer, Wizkid recently came under heavy criticism on social media when he asserted that rap is dead.

It may be recalled that during an interview with 10 magazine the “Essence” crooner said rap is dead while arguing in favour of Afrobeats dominating the Hip Hop genre.

According to the Starboy Entertainment founder, the Hip Hop artistes mostly rap on the same beats, and they have similar styles.

Wizkid also took to social media and said Nigerian rappers are non-rappers who lack development and he went on to list the South Africa’s Nasty C and Ghana’s Sarkodie as the ‘real rappers’ in Africa.

Subsequently, Wizkid received backlash mostly from Nigerian rap artistes who either responded to him online or released diss raps.