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He’s been a blessing to me – Nigerian lady buys new car for her supportive brother (Video)



A young Nigerian woman, has appreciated her elder brother by buying a brand new Hyundai for him.

She took to social media to share a video which captioned her visiting the dealership to search for the car.

The sister eventually settled for one black Hyundai car and paid for it in full after which she and some friends drove it home.

In the viral video, she decorated it with a gift ribbon before taking the new ride to their family home. Their mother saw it first because she came out of the house when it was arriving at their house.

Her brother then came out of the house to see his chasis gift and he instantly became teary-eyed. The mama lifted her hands up in praise and thanked God for the blessings upon her kids.

The lady said that he changed her life since he returned to Nigeria from South Africa as he supported her business and did some other notable things for her.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, @Ifeagbeja; That mother is the happiest happiest among them all. Seeing your children love themselves is always sweet.

@Chubby_barbie1; The fact that her brother was the happiest person there but still remained calm

@Ewa_oyin; So beautiful to watch 🥺❤️I no even get sibling wey Dey push me na me dey push my thing

@girlengineer___; This is so beautiful….I want to do this for my mom on her next birthday……. JESUS OVER TO YOU

@justfrankleen; He didn’t cry? 😳😳😳 A river!!!! That’s what I would have cried; the biggest cry in the history of cry😭😭😭

In entertainment news, popular Nigerian actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday, recently set tongues wagging with her bold financial claim.

Nkechi bragged about being able to buy any man of her preference if she so desires. The controversial lady made this claim during an Instagram live session with car dealer and mediator, Chidi Mike CMC.

She joined the live session which featured three other people apart from Chidi, with the topic of discussion being on marriage and whether it is compulsory for a woman to get married or not.
Speaking, Nkechi Blessing said she does not believe that it is compulsory for everyone to be married, adding that she could decide not to marry.

The screen diva, however, stunned everybody when she said that she could also decide to buy any man she wants with the little money that she has. According to the movie star, he would be under her total control as she’ll put him in her house and dictate how the relationship should go based on her liking.

Nkechi said: “No be everybody come this life say dem won marry. I can comfortably buy a man with the little change that I have, you dey hear English. I can comfortably buy a guy and put him in my house. I will say sit down there; he will stay until I tell him to move.”

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