Herbalist advertises his services online, promises to make Nigerians rich

A young native doctor has taken to video-sharing platform, TikTok to offer his services to people who are looking to become rich by any means necessary.

He asked people to send money and gifts to him so that he can pray for them to get their heart desires which is to make money.

Herbalist advertises his services online, promises to make Nigerians rich

In a video posted online, he could be seen displaying a fetish staff of office whih is believed he tried to use in hypnotizing people that watched his live video.

He said that interested persons should not delay or doubt his capabilities because he has been confirmed to be tested and trusted.

See the clip below:


yungkenny21; Money don finish..nah to do babalawo remain

fawazskibii; See babalawo room 😂sehbi na all those calabash suppose dey there black and red clothes and modern pot this one don go far o 😂

05_tzzzzzzz; This one just dey find money wey e go use buy Igbo jareee 😂😂😂.

zinbajay_jay; Send the gift or send money so that am going to pray for you 😂😂don’t dull yourself

allingold_zaddy; Ebi ti fo oju onifa 😂😂😂😂😂 Afi don’t dull yourself na 😂😂😂

viccy_collection; No be our government we go blame now !! Na watin inec cus hunger wan finish person 😂😂😂

Meanwhile, Nigerian actress and herbal therapist, Kudirat Ogunro, also known as Kudi Alagbo, has urged married women to make peace with the fact that their husbands would have mistresses and girlfriend.

She asserted that 70 percent of men cheat on their wives, and the women need to come to terms with the reality that they are sharing their man with other women.

The thespian said a woman would have blissful and long-lasting marriage if she welcomes the idea of her hubby having side chics.

Kudi said; “These days, one (a woman) needs to have it at the back of one’s mind that at home, one’s husband could be ‘my bear’. But, when he is outside, he becomes, ‘our daddy’.

I believe that 70 per cent of men cheat; so for one’s sanity, one should know that a ‘side chic’ exists somewhere. By doing that, one can celebrate more blissful years in one’s marriage. This truth is bitter for some; but the earlier one knows it, the better for one’s mental health.”

She also dismissed claims and that all the women in the movie industry are being sponsored by sugar daddies.

The actress, however, said believes some actresses may depend on the kindness of people for survival but because of the nature of their work, everybody links their money to rich men.

She said; “I don’t belong to the school of thought that believes actresses depend on sugar daddies to meet their needs. Some may depend on helpers for assistance, but because most of us are in the limelight, any successful thing we do is usually linked to a sugar daddy.”

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