Heavily pregnant woman appreciates her husband for allowing her to drink beer (Video)

A woman has been seen in a trending video treating herself to a bottle of beer and plate of goat meat while heavily pregnant.

She said it was the first time she would be drinking alcohol since she took in and it her husband gave her permission to consume the liquid intoxicant.

The lady celebrated her husband for granting her request to drink beer and she was drinking with a happy smile.

“First time hubby allowed me to take beer since I took in,” she said.

In reaction to the footage, social media users disapproved of her drinking anything alcohol because of how the unborn baby could be affected.

Watch the video below:

nurse_weysabi; Alcohol in pregnancy? Didn’t they teach you about (FAS) fetal alcohol syndrome during antenatal?

kim_bhaly; I know some people will say “i took alcohol when I was pregnant and my baby came out fine”, still doesn’t make it right, some people do drugs till 99yrs and others do and die as early as in their 20’s . Its just different body system and how much you took at a go. It doesn’t invalidate medical research that says its wrong and can affect the fetus. If you can avoid it, the best 👏

bshizzle70a; I see a few people writing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome . This won’t happen after just one bottle of beer in the third trimester ( which she appears to be in ) it’s a condition found the babies of those who are essentially alcoholics

mediaemenikeofficial; I know someone that doesn’t take beer normally but when she’s pregnant from 5 months it’s all beer till she put to bed 😆 she will even hide it inside water bottle so no one will know what she’s taking

brian_bhubhu; Yall making it look like she is an alcoholic or something? Arent you the same women who preach cravings and hormones during pregnancy? I wonder why she is being judged harshly as if she scored a high on a breathalyzer.