Heated exchange as Yul Edochie stops Judy Austin from driving his car out (Watch video)

Nigerian actor, Yul Edochie prevented his second wife, Judy Austin from going out with his car because she did not ask for permission.

The Nollywood star stormed out of the house and confronted her when he heard her hop into the car and start the ignition.

Over the past few days, the couple have inundated social media with clips of them fighting over one domestic matter or the other.

In a video circulating online, Yul could be seen telling her to alight immediately because he has no right drive it.

Judy, however, said that she does not like using hers, that she was just going out briefly and would soon be back.

Yul refused to let her leave and started hitting the vehicle, which made his wife shocked as she wondered why he was throwing a tantrum.

Judy asked her husband when it became the practice for her to ask him for permission before she can take his car out.

He was recording the exchange and when she notice him filming her, she queried him but he defended himself by making reference to her previous actions where she was recording them arguing.

The actor reminded her that she was the one who started it when she said ‘game on’ in a recent clip which suggested that she was ready to be chaotic.

The mother of two said she was not coming down from the car, so he forcefully opened the door and tried to drag her out.

Watch the video below: