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”He will still cheat” – Married dancer, Jane Mena advises women against using charms to keep a man



Popular dancer and social media influencer, Jane Mena, has shared some words of advise to enlighten ladies who use love charms on men.

She said that if a woman uses the most powerful charm on a man in a bid to have him all to herself will have the shocker of her life as he will still cheat on her.

Jane Mena stated this in a post on her Instagram page, insisting that men who are held by such charms will still cheat and dump the women who use it on them.

The controversial twerk queen said it is better for any woman considering such to instead use the money to enjoy herself.

Sharing a twerking video, she wrote; ”Sist, don’t do it Please use that money to buy yourself pizza and Ice-cream”

Also, the caption in the video reads; ”See, If you like use the most expensive and powerful love charm on a man, he will still cheat and dump you.”

See the video HERE

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