He was too perfect for me – Football star, Kaka’s ex-wife on why she divorced him

Caroline Celico, the estranged wife of former AC Milan attacking midfielder, Ricardo Kaka, has revealed that she divorced him because he was “too perfect”.

She explained to The Sun that the Brazilian legend gave her a wonderful family but she wasn’t happy because she felt “something was missing.”

He was too perfect for me - Football star, Kaka’s ex-wife on why she divorced him

According to the socialite, Kaka treated her well, but the problem she had with the marriage is that the footballer was too perfect for her.

“Kaka never betrayed me, he treated me well, he gave me a wonderful family, but I was not happy, something was missing. The problem was, he was too perfect for me,” Caroline said.

Kaka and Celico tied the knot in 2005 but got separated in 2015, after ten years and two children. When they went their separate ways, Kaka found love again with Carolina Batista, with whom he had two other children.

His ex-wife later married motorcyclist Eduardo Scarpa Julião in 2021 and the couple are now expecting their first child.

In another news…

Grammy-winning singer, Shakira has expressed lack of interest in falling in love with another person following her split from former Barcelona defender, Gerard Pique.

Shakira made her thoughts known during a chat on Zane Lowe’s Apple Music 1 show, where she admitted that the failed relationship was one of her broken dreams.

When asked about the possibility of finding someone special in the future, the 47-year-old Colombian popstar noted that she is in doubt of ever finding genuine love again.

On the show, Shakira said: “I thought love would be there forever for me, and that’s one of my broken dreams. I don’t know if I’d like to find that again. Probably not.”

The Spanish football star and Colombia musician had been together for 11 years, but they broke fans’ heart when they announced their separation in June 2022.