He turned me into punching bag – Housewife begs court to dissolve her 8-year marriage

A housewife identified as Muibat Lawal, has filed for divorce from her husband on the grounds of lack of love, domestic abuse and gross irresponsibility.

The mother of two approached the Mapo Grade A Customary Court in Ibadan, Oyo state to dissolve her marriage of eight years to her estranged husband, Abduljelil Lawal.

In her testimony on Friday, Lawal told the court that she met Lawal through Facebook after which they fell in love and started a relationship.

She lamented that her marriage has been like a battle ground because he turns her into a punching bag whenever she asks him to provide for the family.

“After our wedding in Offa town, Lawal’s irresponsibility became well-pronounced as he turned me into his punching bag. He beats me anytime I beg him to provide for us at home. In fact, he accuses me of infidelity and subjects me to public assault,” Lawal told the court.

According to the woman, she had fallen out of love with her estranged husband, hence the need for the court to grant her request for the dissolution of the marriage.

Mr Lawal did not object to his wife’s request for divorce, but he denied being abusive or assaulting her in the course of their eight-year union.

He told the court that he is willing to assume sole responsibility of raising their two children.

He said; “She is free to go if she wishes, and I’m ready to cater for the children.”

Delivering judgment, the court’s president, S.M. Akintayo, held that court owed it a duty to grant the petitioner’s request for the sake of peace since she proved beyond reasonable doubt that her marriage to Mr Lawal had broken down.

Akintayo awarded custody of the two children to the petitioner but ordered the respondent to ensure a monthly payment of N15,000 for their upkeep allowance and gave an order restraining Mr Lawal from either threatening, harassing or interfering in the private life of his estranged wife.

She then ordered that the duo be made to take up joint responsibility for the education and welfare of the children.