He shouted at motorists with ‘foreign’ accent – Lady shares last ride experience with happy cab driver who secured UK visa

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to share her encounter with a Bolt driver who revealed that he secured UK travel visa.

She said the man was in full spirits because he was set to travel out of Nigeria and it was his last day working as a cab driver.

According to the woman, she had asked him for permission to charge her phone in his car during the trip and he agreed but urged her to use his own cord so that she won’t forget hers in his car because she would not see him again after that day.

She said he began to sing every song that the radio aired and even started practicing how to speak with a funny foreign accent by insulting other motorists.

The lady with Twitter handle @FiestyMisfit shared the manner their conversation ensued.

She tweeted; ”Me: can I charge my phone please?

Bolt driver: yes, but use my cord because if you forgot yours that’s the end because today is my last working day because I have my uk visa.

Me: 😳💀

This guy is HAPPY! Lmfaooo singing every song on the radio, my goodness. Why is his happy making me happy ?😂

I think he’s practicing his accent guys! 😭😂😂 “common, look at this yeediot! Look at this yeediot!.”😂😂”

See her post:


In reaction, @nerdy_deb said; I can assure you that’s his last customer for the day. He’s leaving tonight. Hin load fit dey booth like that, e go go baff when e reach UK

@DaviddsJoy; I thought Africans are used to not telling people they’re traveling ,na picture dem take dey know say we don reach the abroad 🤣🤣abi e don change?

@Tyek000n; With the way Africans move, baba must have purchased tix and he’s probably jetting out that same night.

@rotilaw; Everybody saying he has been seeking wgo he would share the information with, guess you are all the type of people who would emigrate and not tell your “best friend”, leave the curtains hanging in your flat etc.

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man has warned his compatriots traveling abroad that life in the United Kingdom is not a bed of roses or a criminal’s paradise.

He said those who engage in fraud (yahoo yahoo) and even girl that do ‘hookup’ would not be able to do it successfully in UK because the consequences of doing such when caught is very dire.

He said that if they have the desire to live waywardly or questionably like they do in Nigeria then they have a huge shock waiting for them.

The man also sent a message to Nigerian women with a sense of entitlement as he noted that there is nobody who will willingly buy them iPhone, bone straight and other gifts they get from men back home.

According to him, everybody works really hard for their money in the European nation and nobody would easily part with cash.

He also explained that people work for as much as 60 hours and they are still struggling to make ends meet.

arthurgodbless; Honestly! I’m not interested in going to the UK again. Una talk talk don make me tire for the place self 😤

marcus_udosen; Ive never heard of a nigerian complaining in usa or canada. Its always UK 😂😂😂

dr_omomurewa; I realized it’s boredom that makes you this UK people want to sha do video and talk…unsolicited advice everywhere as if there r not Nigerians that have lived in the UK for decades. Abeg make Una free us 🚶🏽‍♂️

tokoni88; U can never work 60 hours a week n still struggle. OGA rest. I no believe u

nnenna_blinks_; There is nothing like if they catch. Olosho is a hustle in Europe. They even pay taxes If they decide na the kind life they want live. It is possible . But nothing like making money doing the right thing.