He drives red Lexus – Lady asks Nigerians to help her find man she snubbed in public

A Nigerian lady simply known as Ada, has gone online to seek the assistance of social media users in locating a man on behalf of her friend.

She said the man tried to get her attention when she was with three other ladies around Bonterra in Enugu, but she ignored him.

According to @Ada_042, she felt it would have ben rude to ditch her friends to go and meet a the man who was driving.

She gave some details about him to help in the search which include that he is light skinned in complexion and drives a red Lexus.

Ada shared screenshots of her chat with the friend who pleaded with her to post it online and ask for help.

She tweeted; ‘‘#Twitter please do your thing #NdiEnugu please help my friend 🙏🏻😩she is in search of a fair guy that drives a Red Lexus, he approached her around Bonterra but she could not answer because she was with 3ladies and it’s going to look rude, please retweet till it gets to this man.”

Read the chat below:

Nigerians on social media questioned her for not giving the man attention at the time it mattered.

In reaction, @Ayaya_is_Ayaya wrote; Why didn’t she answer him, I no go retweet anything. Nonsense ingredients 😡

@Honyfactory; Let me fwd this tweet to his wife asap … He lives at Ekweremadu …he is from Ukpo mmili …he no dey use em wife play oo

@arike96; Is she looking for him because she likes him, he’s fair or because he has a car?? E no too clear

@Mene_Adaobi; Man go dey with him guys. He go see babe wey him like. He go leave the guys go woo the babe. So because you were walking with 3 other ladies. You no fit excuse yourself go know why he dey call you ? Wehdone. This life no too hard. Na una dey make Hard rules.

@LongyNnadozie; Can’t retweet this shame. You embarrassed a guy who sought your attention, only to come here to hunt for him? Those three other ladies you were with are they kids that you couldn’t play ball in their presence?

@Onyemature; I have three kids and only wanted to catch cruise that evening, pls allow me focus on my family, thank you

@RollexBlue2; Key word here is “Red Lexus” I repeat “Red Lexus” is the key word. By the way, that’s his wife’s car. The man drives a black highlander. Carry your shovel go find Gold somewhere else.