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Hawker rejects $100 from man, demands 200 Naira instead (Video)



It is fast becoming a trend for people to offer foreign currency to hawkers in Lagos as payment for items purchased.

A man has been seen in a video giving a young hawker $100 for a local snack that costs 200 Naira. The boy requested for both N200 and the $100 but the customer said he does not have 200 Naira.

The hawker then rejected the dollar note because he did not know the value, and asked that the man give him just the N200 instead.

The man tried to explain that 100 dollars is worth over N50k, but the hawker was skeptical about collecting it, so he suggested that the customer goes to change it first.

At the end of the haggle, the man returned what he bought and decided to leave with his 100 dollars.

To watch the video click HERE

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