Having sexy body doesn’t guarantee success in the movie industry – Actress, Caroline Igben

Nigerian content creator and actress, Caroline Igben, has said having a sexy body could get one noticed in the movie industry, but it is not a guarantee for success.

She made this statement in a chat with Saturday Beats, while making a case for people to have talents if they want to go far in Nollywood.

According to the skit-maker, if all someone has to offer is their body, their emptiness will rear its head eventually if that is what got them certain roles.

Sexy body guarantee success

Caroline said; “For those who have it, it will make them noticeable. I don’t think it is a recipe for success (in the industry), because if the person is put out there and the person is empty, it is going to show.

“If the person has just talent, the body will just be there. Whenever the body is needed, the person will be called. I feel the body brings visibility but the person just needs to have something to show outside that.”

The screen diva who also talked about relationship matters, she does not support the idea of splitting bills with her partner.

However, Igben noted that she can provide assistance because we are in a different era and men now want women that can provide.

She said; “Every guy is looking for a woman that can provide now. We are in a different time. I am not into 50:50 sharing of bills but I can support, considering the other things I have to offer in a relationship (marriage), including running the home. However, doing 50:50 could change in the future, depending on my finances.”