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‘Haters will say it’s Gucci operation now’ – Nigerians troll Hushpuppi after he underwent a nose surgery



Nigerian big boy and Gucci master, Hushpuppi, has revealed on Social Media how grateful he is, following a major surgery he underwent that took over 2 hours.

The Malaysian-based Nigerian Big Boy, who is currently embroiled in a social media battle with his former close friend, Mompha, and mother of his son, shared a picture of himself in a hospital bed, and wrote; “After over 2 hours under the knife, it was a success at the end. Thank you God”, [AdSense-B]


He didn’t reveal details about his surgery, or what went wrong with him, but with the picture he shared, he had a major surgery on his nose.

Trust folks on Social Media to troll him. Some are speculating he sold his 2nd Kidney, while others joked about it saying, “Gucci nose Loading”.

“I hope the surgery was done in Dubai Mall”, someone wrote on Instagram, shading the fact that the socialite usually tours Dubai.

“Gucci Surgery, Perhaps”, another comments reads.

“Did you get a nose job?”, a user identified as Seun, inquired.

“Haters will say it’s Gucci operation now”, Raymond hilariously wrote.

“He’s always going to the hospital … something’s shld be kept private tho.”, another user said.

“Hope the Gucci Hospital located at Gucci Island, got their best Gucci doctors and Gucci nurses from Gucci headquarters strictly on Gucci Invitation from Gucci CEO. Hope your Gucci nose was fixed with Gucci knife with Gucci plasters. Hope your Gucci babymama cooked Gucci Jollof rice with Gucci utensils and Gucci ingredients and Gucci water and wore a Gucci clothe inside a Gucci car via a Gucci road and passed a Gucci door to feed you with a Gucci spoon. Hope your Gucci drugs will make your Gucci health go back to normal. Recover fast from your Gucci Hospital wear.”, another user, wrote on Instagram. [AdSense-B]


“So you had this in view and you engaged yourself in vain things all over social media? Thank God for a successful surgery and get well quick.”, a user Jesseblaq wrote.

“Did you replace your nose with Gucci Leather”, another person wrote.

“Thank God for the Success. I’m just wondering if he did the surgery in Gucci Hospital with Doctor GucciChukwu.”, another user, Henry wrote.

“U still get hand dey snap….but honestly people…must we really update our private lives on social media?I find it very difficult to upload pictures uncle ray get well soon”, Stephen asked.

..and finally, someone who wished him a speedy recovery said; “Gucci recovery fall on you bro”

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