Harry Kane reveals he’s obsessed with Burna Boy

England captain, Harry Kane has revealed that he is a huge fan of Nigerian Afrobeats star, Damini Ogulu aka Burna Boy.

The Bayern Munich forward disclosed this during an interview with ESPN UK. He said he cannot get the Grammy winner’s music out of his head.

Harry Kane obsessed Burna Boy

Kane further said that that the Burna Boy and British rapper, Santan Dave are the musicians he would love to see live someday.

The interviewer asked, “What is the last song that got stuck in your head?”

Kane replied: “You know, ‘Big 7’ from Burna Boy? Yeah, I do like Burna Boy, to be fair. It just popped into my head there.”

When asked who he would like to see live, the former Tottenham star said, “Maybe someone like Burna Boy or Dave, you know.”

In another sports news…

Pope Francis has named football icon, Pele real name, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, as his favourite footballer.

In a commemorative event for World War II soldiers, Francis was asked to choose between Messi and the late Maradona by TV station TG1.

The 86-year-old replied that Pele is his favourite, citing the late Brazilian’s humility as the reason behind his choice.

Francis said: “I would add a third, Pele. They are the three I have followed. All three are great, each with his specialty. At the moment Messi is very good.”

He added, “Maradona as a man failed, poor thing, he slipped, the people around him didn’t help him. He came to see me the first year [I was pontiff]. [His life] ended badly. It’s funny, many sportsmen end badly, even in boxing. It’s curious.”

“Messi is very correct, he is a gentleman. Among these three, the greatest gentleman is Pele. He is a man with a very big heart. I spoke to him, I met him on a plane in Buenos Aires, and he is a man of great humanity.”