Hardship: Don’t touch your savings no matter what happens – Erigga advises Nigerians

Popular rapper, Erigga, has dished some words of advice to Nigerians looking for a way to survive the current economic hardship.

The ‘Motivation’ crooner urged the citizens not to dip into their savings no matter how tough things get or the extremity of the situation.

In a series of terse posts, he also said that people should bill those who are broke as they have some money somewhere which they never tough.

Erigga wrote; “No matter what happens no touch that ur savings oh. Baby steps of suffering na watin who get money die Dey tell who Dey suffer ? Try Dey bill broke people dem get one money for somewhere when dem no wan touch for now….”

Meanwhile, in related news…

CorrectNG reported yesterday that a 41-year-old man identified as David Ubaha staged a lone protest in Akwa Ibom State, to decry the state of the nation.

He decided to hit the streets of Uyo on Monday, February 19 to convey his grievances over the harsh economic situation across Nigeria.

The lone protester who spoke to pressmen, listed Nigeria’s problems to include depreciation of the naira, ravaging insecurity, unplanned subsidy removal, and uncontrolled inflation, among others.

Ubaha said; “The idea on how to fix this country does not reside with our leaders alone; it resides with the people, but the saddest episode is that when these ideas are being proffered by the people, the leaders will not take them into cognizance.

“So, I David Ubaha, a true son of Ibiobio, have sworn to myself that I will never keep quiet and watch this country go down the drain.

“The situation has affected me negatively. The cost of fuel, cost of food in the market have gone up. I’m not speaking for myself alone, but looking at what the society is passing through, it pricks my mind”.