Hairstylist motivates homeless man to get job after she got tired of giving him free food

A young lady living in the United States has revealed how she used insult to make a homeless guy go out of his comfort zone and secure employment.

The hairstylist with username @HeerahJsaid he normally hangs around her place of work and she gives him food from time to time.

However, she got tired of doing that and decided to make him help himself by ridiculing him after which she gave him tips to apply for a job online.

She gave an update on her Twitter page after three weeks that he finally got hired for the job and when they saw the guy gave her 10 dollars.

@HeerahJ wrote; “It’s this homeless boy by my job .i be getting him food here & there . I cussed him out 3 weeks ago and told him to apply for Amazon . Y’all he got the job and just gave me $10”

See her post below:

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man simply identified as Chisom has reminisced on how his wife supported him financially when they were still courting.

He said that there was a time the company he worked for closed down so he was rendered unemployed.

The married man said his girlfriend who became his wife was sending him stipend for upkeep every month until he was able to get another job.

Chisom narrated the experience through micrblogging platform, Twitter and revealed that the first month his woman gave him the monthly allowance, he broke down in tears.

He wrote; “Before we got married, there was a time when I was out of a job. The company had closed down and my boss then didn’t pay me salary for that month.

My wife (gf then) was sending me money for upkeep monthly till I got a good job. The first month she did this, I cried like a baby.”

In reaction, @iohmbra said; When a woman really loves you the sun shines from both sides. Bless her!

@Ribaaku_; I take God beg you, I no wan hear say you make that woman cry. Never, ever, in the mighty name of Jesus.

@EsuMercy; Oh please Chisom, is just a good human with 100% conscience intact. I have paid for a diver’s (medical), in the bracket to stress the amount involved, he got the job and I never heard of anything until when he was suspended, or assisting in a business setup, and to date nothing

@mark_monney; A man will do this for a woman and when there’s a little misunderstanding she will ask the man what have you done for me.