Guy that wanted to marry me ghosted me after I borrowed N50k from him – Nigerian lady laments

A Nigerian lady simply known as Benita, has taken to social media to lament about how a potential suitor cut her off due to unpaid debt.

She said he had been professing love and promising to marry her, and on a particular day that she went broke, she asked him for loan which she will payback the next week.

However, she was unable to payback and because of that, he suddenly stopped talking to her, was no longer calling, texting like he used to do and even blocked her as all her attempts to reach him failed.

Benita, who shared her story on Twitter (X) wondered why a man that was ready to marry her would suddenly start avoiding her because of N50,000.

She wrote; “I remember how this guy was all over me ,he said he loves me and wants to marry me, he practically wakes me up with call and prayers everyday, I went broke one day and I asked him to borrow me money that I will return it the following week.

Something led to something and I was unable to fulfill my own part of the deal, that is how this guy suddenly ghost me and stop talking to me I even try to reach out to him to explain why I couldn’t return his money back, all effort was proved abortive, how on earth will you ghost someone you claim you love because of 50k I pray he sees this.”

See the post:

Reacting, @naughty_libra07 wrote; Well since you broke the deal.. Saw you as someone who would not likely keep her word.. He didn’t want to hear the backend story.. So he ghosted

@PAPIBILLIONAIRE; If he sees this tweet. He will still be bitter because this tweet doesn’t show you’re remorseful about it even if you’re.

@Denix001; Did I just read “because of 50k”? No be the same 50k that something led to something that you couldn’t pay back? 😂 Benita, if no one will tell you, I will. Your head is not correct…as in, ori e ope rara.

@SignorGC2; He didn’t ghost you because of 50k. He is a man and a straightforward one at that. Yes, he told you he loves you and practically wakes you up every day. And he proved it by lending you the 50k you asked for. Like me, he doesn’t think it’s worth it getting down with someone who doesn’t know the importance of honouring spoken words.

@DOgbijo; He ghosted you because you soiled the very first opportunity you had to show integrity. Integrity is in the mud when excuses fill your table.

@UC_TIPS; Some girls don’t have shame “Because of 50k” but you don’t have it. If 50k is that easy why don’t you collect it from your dad? You just open mouth anyhow

@Mahyormeplenty; You wey break deal because of 50k will break up in the middle of the relationship. Thats a test i guess.