Graduating student proposes to school mate during sign-out session

A Nigerian man graduating from the university made the occasion very memorable when he decided to propose to his girlfriend who also just completed her bachelor’s programme.

The final year student popped the four-word question to her when they were having their signing out session after the final exams.

The lover boy proposed marriage to his babe by boldly writing; “Mercy My Love, Marry Me’ on her white T-shirt”.

She did not know what he was writing on her shirt until she bowed her head and read the inscription which immediately brought emotions out of her.

Overwhelmed with the act, the girlfriend jumped up and immediately knelt down to accept the ring that he offered, which he then put in her finger.

Student propose signing out

In reaction, Estrella: See as i open teeth dey smile like mumu. congratulations.

Zarah: ‎Nah only you got proposed , gift also signing out. I envy you. I pray your joy will last forever. congratulations.

Meanwhile, in another news…

A Nigerian man has cried out over the decision his girlfriend took because she was unhappy that he had not proposed to her despite being together for eight years.

He said that his girlfriend, who is 30 years old stopped coming to his house and discontinued wifely duties with the complaint that he refused to marry her.

The man said that he is still a hustler who is not yet financially buoyant enough to take that bold step, but he is working towards a big payout before he starts a family.

He wrote; “I’ve been dating my girlfriend for 8 years. Recently, she stopped coming to my house because she said she has given me too much wife benefits and that is why I’m refusing to get married to her.

She’s 30yrs. I’m still a hustler working on a huge cashout before I can start a family. I don’t know why women are like this”.