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Graduate offered 15K job to work from Mondays-Saturdays cries out



The unemployment situation in the country is dire and employers know this and have taken full advantage of it. The latest victim of such modern day exploitation is a female graduate of Microbiology who cried out on twitter about the terms of her contract.

The young lady identified as @Hybrid on Twitter took to the platform to share her  job hunting story. According to her, she went for 2 days interview at a company, and after she passed, they revealed their terms of employment and salary.

She was to work at the front desk as a customer relationship officer, secretary and social media manager for N15,000 monthly salary.
She wrote:
“After 2 whole days of interview session and several stages, the terms of employment were related to be: 7am to 7pm, Mondays to Saturdays (public holiday inclusive) for N15,000 to work as the frontdesk, customer relationship officer, secretary and social media manager”

She went on to say she would quit searching for a job this year until next year.

Her post on twitter

She went on to add that she was done searching for jobs for the year



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