Gospel artistes shouldn’t be scared to demand performance fee – Seyi Awolowo

Nigerian actor and reality TV star, Seyi Awolowo has said it is okay for gospel artistes to charge before agreeing to perform at religious events.

The former Big Brother Naija contestant urged them to monetise their music, because they have responsibilities to cater for despite being their chosen field.

Seyi Awolowo producers

Seyi Awolowo stated this during a recent interview with Hip TV when asked whether gospel artistes should be paid or compensated for their talents.

He said, “If you got a talent, you gotta make your money. So because of religion someone shouldn’t get paid? We need to knock that mindset out. We literally need to take out that sentiment.

“Let’s actually build on ourselves. If you have a talent if you can monetise it the right way, do so. You need to sell your talent.”

In another news…

Nigerian gospel artiste, Grace Owolabi, also known as ZionGrace, has urged fellow gospel musicians to stop using ‘worldly vibes’ in their music.

According to her, fusing secular vibes with religious music is like serving God a meal prepared with unclean resources.

Zion said; “Bringing in worldly vibes should be replaced with Christ- honouring vibes. We (gospel artistes) should stop imitating worldly vibes and dance steps. Many of those vibes and dance steps are sourced from the devil.

We cannot serve God a meal prepared with unclean resources. He won’t even look at it; let alone receive it. The Bible says we are the ‘salt and light of the world’. It is those in the world that ought to copy us; and not the other way round.”

Speaking in an exclusive interview, the musician however said that she could collaborate with a secular artiste if it was the will of God.

Zion Grace said; “Yes I can work with secular musicians, but only if it is the will of God. I will need to seek the face of God before doing any collaboration; even with gospel artistes. Secular music is different from worldly music.

The former conveys ideas, emotions, understanding and convictions that are revealed in God’s characteristics; whereas the latter postulates the ideology, emotions and beliefs of the world.”