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Good Samaritans help single mother who slept on the floor after leaving abusive marriage



A Kenyan woman, Winfred Mwende has seen favourable change in her life months after she cried out for help following her exit from her abusive marriage.

The single mother of one, who is heavily pregnant with her second child, showed off before and after photos of her humble house on popular Facebook group Glam my Home.

Her house before the upgrade

Early this year, the mother of one was sleeping on the floor after leaving a toxic marriage. She had borrowed a friend’s phone to take the photos of her living condition, and subsequently, the post went viral.

Her story moved many to emotions, and led members of the group to support her. Some even offered to pay her rent.

The good Samaritans helped furnish her house with bed sitting, cooking stove, couch, cupboard among other household items.

The 26-year-old mum also narrated how people she hoped would support her deserted her in time of need. Her baby daddy, cousins and friends turned their backs on her.

Mwende speaking on her marriage, said: “In the eyes of many, he was providing, but he was emotionally unavailable, demeaned me. He was basically a narcissist…”

“I was very depressed at that time. I used to pray that we (my child and I) would die in our sleep.”

Mwende, an orphan raised by a single mum, said she is working on creating a home where she can live with her younger sister in a children’s home.

Before the upgrade

The heavily pregnant mother revealed that her husband walked out on her in August 2020 and continued to pay her rent, but in January this year, he told her he couldn’t pay her rent anymore.

She had no option but moved out and went to stay with a cousin in Thika, but after a few weeks, she was thrown out.

The soft-spoken mother said she was forced to start her own life, and luckily she was given a mattress by a friend and used to sleep on the floor.

Mwende said life has been good ever since she walked out of the toxic marriage, and she is at peace. She thanked Kenyans for helping her.

She said: “Words cannot express how grateful I am to Kenyans. After posting the photos, some people said I was a con, but majority helped me.”

Before the upgrade

She added: “May their cups overflow. I am humbled. I never even thought I would ever use cooking gas in my life”

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