Good Samaritan stunned as school dropout rejects his money, begs for food instead (Video)

A Content creator identified as Hesaprankster, has shared his experience with a young man who begs for food at a local market.

He said that he spotted the lad sitting all by himself by the roadside with his head bent down helpless, so he approached him.

In a video he posted on Instagram, Hesaprankster inquired what the problem was and the boy said he was hungry. He felt the need to give him some cash but the kid rejected it and said what he needs is food.

The Good Samaritan then took the young boy to an eatery and asked him to order whatever he wants to eat.

When they were done eating, he bought takeaway food for him and later appealed to the public to help get the boy off the streets.

In a separate video, the boy revealed that he dropped outof school because his parents could no longer afford to pay his tuition.

Watch clips below:

In reaction, lekeakinwusi said; God bless you. He was being honest about wanting food not money

adannekelvin; How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it .

unbrando; Pls adopt him, both of you look alike…Thanks for the good works ❤️

habimibiola; This so heartwarming thank you bro… See tears on my face… Hungry na your mate?😢

blessedpobosky8090; As evilish as this country be…good hearted people still dey live inside am. God indeed blessed Nigeria pass any other country for world…una understand the remaining part.

iamprof; Good work next time pls go buy d food and give him at d spot it was like he wud fall n faint . No stamina make our good no turn bad Nigerians go say nah u take something hit am. Just my observation.

Meanwhile, a case of charity gone wrong affected a Nigerian man who shared his experience with a lady that scammed him after he offered her assistance in Lagos.

The good Samaritan known as @Khanstillday said he boarded a commercial bus and a girl begged him to pay to pay her transport fare.

He agreed to pay for her, however, her bus stop was before his so that meant she had to alight before him.

When she reached her bus stop and was about to drop, Khan gave her the money to pay for both of them, but she paid for only herself and absconded with the change.

According to him, she was well aware of the wrong she did which is why she did not turn back, and she hastily crossed to the other side of the road.

He said that though the incident shocked him, it still won’t prevent him from helping another person in need.

In his words; ”I entered a public bus today, A lady beside begged to pay her transport which I agreed to. She was alighting before me so I gave her the money to pay for both of us, can you believe this girl paid for only herself, collected the change and left LMAO. I don tire for this Lagos

She knew exactly what she was doing, mama no even look back. She crossed the road to the other side immediately, i just sat there just looking cus he shock me. Doesn’t change anything though, if i enter a bus tomorrow and I see someone in need, I’d still help. I’ll just do it a different way.”