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Good Samaritan rescues man in wheelchair who fell on railway track (Video)



A Good Samaritan is being lauded on social media after a video of him saving a man in wheelchair surfaced online.

In the footage which has gone viral, the wheel-chai bound man had fallen onto a subway train track in New York and was in distress.

Fortunately, a man spotted him and jumped down to rescue him moments before a train approached the station.

Other passengers at the station also helped to pull the man up onto the platform.

A Twitter user shared the video with the caption; “This afternoon in Union Square a man in a wheelchair somehow ended up on the subway tracks. Luckily, a Good Samaritan jumped down and rescued the man about 10s before the train came into the station. Huge shoutout to whoever the guy is who jumped down to help! #subwaycreatures.”

Watch the video:

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