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”God when” – Nigerians react as AFZ reports that two ex-Malawian ministers, ex-presidential bodyguard and 14 public officials have been sacked, prosecuted for corruption



The Malawian government, has over the past few months, sacked, arrested and prosecuted more than 14 government officials for corrupt practices, Africa Facts Zone reports.

Some of the public office holders who were charged with fraud are the ex-minister of Home Affairs, Minister of Labour who has been sacked and an ex-presidential bodyguard.

14 public officials were said to have been arrested for $7.8 million fraud, while ex-Minister of Home Affairs, Uladi Mussa was sentenced to 6 years in prison for illegal issuance of a passport.

Malawi’s ex-Minister of Home Affairs, Uladi Mussa in handcuffs

78 cars and real estate properties were also seized from former Presidential Bodyguard, Norman Chisale.

Former Presidential Bodyguard, Norman Chisale

According to Africa Facts, the Labour Minister, Ken Kadondo was fired for using $800 (N304,000) of COVID-19 response money to pay his own allowances for a government trip.

Malawi’s Labour Minister, Ken Kadondo

The money has reportedly been returned to the Government.

Nigerians took to social media to express hope for a future where convictions can be secured for corrupt government officials as has been done in Malawi.

@AAGHEDO; All of Una Dey learn work where my country Dey(Nigeria) in terms of corruption the money way one person dey steal for Nigeria, plenty people go come together to steal that same amount in other country.

@chiukwujioke said; Come To NIGERIA. dubai is their warehouse.

@Emekalaz: God when we go see this kind tin for naija

@eddiewusu; If we (Africans) continue like this we could end up like Dubai

@Izumunachim1; Please send him to Nigeria because he’s still learning

@Pompey_Lion; nah Nigeria this post dey talk about o

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