God saved me from drug, substance abuse – Singer turned pastor, Pepenazi

Nigerian artiste turned cleric, Opeyemi Gbenga Kayode, popularly known as Pepenazi, has recalled how God delivered him from societal vices.

He revealed that he used to smoke, drink and take other hard illicit because he was under the impression that he needed it to bring out his talent.

The ‘Illegal’ singer revealed that he had been using drugs right from his university days before he joined the secular music industry.

God saved me from drug, alcohol addiction - Singer turned pastor, Pepenazi

Speaking in a video posted on social media, Pepenazi, said he realised that the popular notion that alcohol and hard substances boost creativity is a misconception.

He said; “God delivered me from alcohol, illicit drugs and smoking. There’s a lie that the devil sells, for those who know, I had a career in the secular music industry for about a decade.

“Even before I became a professional artiste, while I was still in the university, there’s this lie that the devil sells to you that before you can feel really better while you’re recording and even while you’re engaging with the other gender, the best way is to get high.

“And the devil sold this lie through me. That was how I started drinking alcohol and engaging in things that did not glorify the name of God.”

Watch him speak:

In another news…

CorrectNG recalls how popular Nigerian singer, Timaya revealed that he battled drug addiction and struggled to overcome it for years.

Timaya said he got introduced to drugs during the COVID-19 lockdown and he did it so much that it made him lose weight because he was not eating. The ‘Dem Mama’ crooner said the first time he took an illegal substance he ended up giving out all the money in his pocket.

He said; “I am not a saint. I have done drugs. Breaking off from drugs was a hell, it was a tough fight. I got introduced to drugs during the COVID-19 lockdown, 2020.

Everybody was home and there are those young guys in my house who are always so happy. And I was like, ‘Bro, how are you guys happier than me, I am the boss I got money? What are you guys on?’ And they told me that they got molly.

When I took it, I did not understand myself. I was so happy that I dashed all the money in my pocket. So I wanted to just keep feeling like that. That was how I lost a lot of weight. I was not eating, I was just happy? How you go just want dey happy?

You are supposed to first of all, be happy naturally. But when you now need substance to make you happy, it replaces the natural happiness. So you have to be buying happiness. When I said I was taking molly, I was taking like three pills everyday and it felt like medication [laughs].”