God made me the best player in the world – Messi

Argentina playmaker, Lionel Messi has attributed all his talent and success to God, saying he did nothing to become the best footballer.

Messi explained that he was born with the God-given talent and for that, he would not really give himself much credit because it all came naturally.

The 37-year-old Inter Miami forward , was asked to share the reason behind his successful football career and the origins of his exceptional talent.

The football legend who spoke in an interview with podcaster Juan Pablo Varsky, Messi recalled when people were coming to watch him as a kid and noted that he only realised he was special when he became an adult.

Messi said; “It’s very clear to me that I was born like this because God chose me. It was a gift he gave me. I was always different. People came to watch me. I didn’t realize it, but I only began to understand that as I grew older.

“Of course, I tried to take advantage of it [talent], I tried to squeeze the most out of it, but the truth is, I did nothing to become the player that I already was when I was little.

“Yes, Leo’s got a gift—one in a billion, no doubt. But he’s not giving himself enough credit because he worked just as hard as any other footballer to become what he is today—the best player in the world.”