Gift swap: Man gives girlfriend new MacBook, she buys PlayStation 5 for him

A young woman has disclosed that she and her boyfriend engaged in a gift swap which saw them giving each other an expensive item the other wished to have.

The girlfriend simply known as @Gwaenchana15 on Twitter took to the microblogging site and revealed that he gave her a MacBook while she got a PlayStation 5 for him.

Lady gift swap Macbook

The lady who revealed that it was a gift swap weekend, shared photos of the MacBook and received and the PS5 she gifted her boyfriend.

@Gwaenchana15 post generated a plethora of reactions especially around the debate of the type of people to date and how a woman can reciprocate gift-giving.

Lady boyfriend ps5

Sharing images on Sept 16, she tweeted; “We did gift swap weekend, my boyfriend got me the latest macbook and I got him ps5”

See her post:

In reaction, @Danysleek; Another reason why broke babes don’t deserve love and relationships. I mean how will they be able engage in this kind of love exchanges? If you like go date broke babe.

@Bigstiff1994; 😂. Babe wey no fit buy you gift is an absolute waste of anybody’s time.

@Oyebanji_akins; I always tell people date someone of your caliber or standard, money sweet when we are both making the bag, the feeling will always be mutual.💯👌

@BigAmope_; God knows I want to have a boyfriend but nobody is texting me again 😞

@UTDTreytips; My own girlfriend gave me mad knack styles and I got her postinor ll 😂😭

@ManlikeMikeey; Things I love to see…. Who wan make we run am?

@ohia_maame_tw3; Leave that boyfriend, Date someone like me I’m richer than he is I’m rich in love not money.