Ghanaian driver returns smartphones Anita Joseph forgot in his cab (Video)

A Ghanaian Uber driver has been rewarded by popular Nigerian actress, Anita Joseph, for displaying uncommon honesty by returning her misplaced smartphones.

The Nollywood star chartered the Uber but forgot an iPhone and a Samsung device in his cab after he conveyed her to her destination in Ghana.

Ghanaian Uber driver returns smartphones Anita Joseph forgot in his car

Anita Joseph is currently in the Gold Coast to visit her sister. The Uber driver however tracked her down to the same location he dropped her and handed the two expensive phones back to her.

Overwhelmed by the driver’s honesty, the actress who was with hercounted some Naira notes and gave it to him to show her appreciation.

In a video recorded at the scene of the incident, Anita proceeded to heap prayers on the cab driver after which she took his phone number.

Watch below:

Interestingly, after the video went viral, Ghanaians on social media were not too impressed with the incident or the amount Anita gave the cabman.

cboatenggh commented; Aside NPP making the country hard every Ghanaian is honest and faithful, but wait oo did she gave him Naira, money worth 7 cedis in Ghana😂

@Quame_UTD; This driver go go keep this money thinking it’s big money ooo. Make somebody tell am say the plenty cash nu be only ghs20

@Trophy96077133; After changing the naira and finding out he only gets 5cedis😭😹

@passion_nova; How many Nigerian guys will return the phones if it belongs to Ghana man lol.

@dj_elblack; The guy go vex if he find out the money they gave him is Ghc 11.40p 🤣

@StarDonprince; Me I no sure I go find anyone’s device and use do my own, I’ll give it back to the owner if she calls… I don’t fancy these phones at all😂

@MzGoldyy; She gave him 2.5 billion Naira, bro out there thinking that’s a life changing amount until they give him 6cedis 40p at the Forex Bureaus

@colourfulicy; It’s no news in Ghana, people don’t steal in Ghana like Nigeria,no wonder these two women are surprised and happy

@seanelhadji; Good and bad people everywhere. This does not mean all Ghanaians are, at least we know Meek Mill’s phone was stolen in this same Accra and vise versa a Nigerian , Josephine Agwu also found $28,000 at the Airport and returned it. Lets celebrate honesty and leave agenda aside!

@emmanuellazak; Ghanaians aren’t greedy, that’s why there are a lot of honest Ghanaians

@elPrincipito_Gh; I know this man very well. I’m glad his humble and honest nature is on show to the world. I’ll be sending him this video

@michaelbjaden; That’s an Uber or probably a bolt driver, the phones may not be returned if it was Taxicab. Get your mind right.