Ghana jollof doesn’t have flavour – Chef Hilda Baci (Video)

Popular Guinness World Record holder, Chef Hilda Baci has said Ghanaian jollof rice does not have flavour like the Nigerian jollof.

She made the comment during an interview on a podcast as she noted that she has tasted different varieties of the jollof prepared in Ghana.

Hilda Baci Ghana jollof flavour

According to Hilda, she visited Ghana and did a cooking competition with a Ghanaian chef but she was not impressed with what he prepared which was his best representation of their jollof.

She said that on the other hand, Nigerians do not play when it comes to ensuring that the flavour in the jollof rice comes well.

Watch her speak below:

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By the way, Nigerian jollof > Ghana Jollof I can send you different versions of Ghana Jollof I’ve eaten. They’re really nice but Nigerian…

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@NkechiKwenu; LOL Ghanians stay pressed over us. I agree with Baci, tasting Ghana jollof is like eating white rice while someone screams “JOLLOF!!” in the next room.