Furious dad threatens to send son back to Nigeria over disrespectful prank (Video)

A Nigerian man living in the United Kingdom has been captured on tape boiling in rage because his teenage son decided to address him as ‘bro.’

The young man known as Amos played a prank on his dad at their residence and felt the best way to get a reaction from him was to speak like he was his friend.

In a video which has gone viral and garnered massive likes on social media, the son stretched his hand for a fist bump as he made to greet his dad and yelled out ‘Yo bro’.

Nigerian father prank

His father did not find that manner of approach funny or appropriate and he immediately burst out in anger and reprimanded his son.

He questioned the boy on whether they were mates that he would choose to call him ‘bro’ or talk to him that way.

But Amos worsened the situation when he chose to continue the prank by asking his father why he was moving mad.

The man seemed to have had enough and got up in displeasure to leave the scene, saying: “You need to go back to Nigeria! This country has finished you!”

Watch the video below:

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Reacting, user51010489147046; This country has finished you’. I don’t how many times I have watched this.

mohammed Fakih; If he says, ‘Let’s go to Dubai or New York for holiday,’ it’s a trap. You are going to Nigeria.

You_got_slayed124; He took off his glasses and that is how you know he was about to pull out the belt.

Jav/Javi/Javier; Why are African dads like this chill man? My dad would have put me in a headlock.