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Funny video: Man ‘cries’ to make baby keep quiet, baby looks confused



A father who appears to have gotten tired of his baby’s constant crying has devised a creative way to make the baby stop wailing.

A funny video was shared on social media capturing the moment the man recorded himself mimicking the baby’s cry just to make him desist from making noise.

The child was crying loudly at first, but after a few seconds his father took over, however, the baby who was evidently shocked looked confused and worried at the same time as he stared into the camera wondering what was going on.

Watch the video:

Read some comments below..

@nasttttacia; They think they are the only ones that can constitute nuisance

@layefah3; E shock am

@ovodumosu; He think say na only him saabiiii cry or scream. Thank God he get the message and beee quiet and stay COOL

@_shu_ga; Like they said, madness get levels .

@theOluwafemi; When your son says he won’t let you rest and you tell him likewise.

The Switch up is Epic! Yo @atiren this may come in handy, just incase.

@Jasam91; On judgement day: When your Spirit is trying to lie to cover up a story, but then your Sins were displayed on a 3D screen for you to see for Yourself…

@PappyGrande_; You see say these people know wetin them dey do?

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