Funny moment newborn baby ‘expressed shock’ while watching his twin brother cry loudly (Video)

A video making the rounds on social media captures the moment a set of newborn twins put on a dramatic display.

One of the twin brothers burst out in loud tears moments after their birth and the other one watched him in shock.

He could be seen staring at his crying twin with a look of befuddlement, but being that he is a baby who cannot speak he could only convey his feelings with his facial expression.

A distinct feature between the two siblings is that one had hair on his head while the other was bald.

Social media users pointed this out while commenting on what they suspect was the reason for one of the babies crying.

Watch the video below:


queen_peerless; He is looking at him like wetin dey do this one 🤣

2021redbone; They got different FATHER’S

2smillingfaces; You already guess how their personalities are going to be different 😮

annmarieb11; Who in the heck is that? He’s in my space.🌹

bbfred96; See his balledhead 😂😂 ur not happy u came with a sister?

kennethpoetry; Not the villain orgin story

kingslunah; If na you, you no go cry, how him no go get hair😂😂😂

bros_pauly; Not just the hair, the cute look too. He angry about his looks too.

ayeeshagrey; He looks more concerned though 😍😍😍

i_am_slayoff; The other one with enough hair is looking like wetin dey nack dis one for head nii😂

Meanwhile, American rapper, Sean Combs, professionally known as Diddy, recently bought brand new Range Rovers for his twin daughters, D’Lila and Jessie on their 16th birthday.

The Bad Boy Records founder, hosted a lavish birthday party for the girls which was when he surprised them with the matching cars.

D’Lila and Jessie are the children Diddy welcomed with late model Kim Porter.

A video which made the rounds online shows when the 53-year-old Hip Hop mogul gifted his daughters the cars in the presence of their loved ones.

The twins leapt for joy and gave their father a big hug after receiving the gifts, and a woman in the background could be heard saying they both asked for one black and one white vehicle.

The sisters were in disbelief as they moved closer to their dream cars which both had giant red bows on the bonnet. Apart from the cars, the twin girls each received identical cakes with ’16’ candles.