Fufu seller celebrates her growth as she relocates to UK (Video)

A young lady who sold fufu to survive in Nigeria is in a jubilant mood because she has traveled to the United Kingdom.

She shared a video-story to celebrate her growth from being a fufu seller to seeking fresh opportunities in a foreign country.

The lady shared a flashback moment which captured when she was still packaging and selling fufu also known as akpu in Nigeria.

A latter part of the clip showed when she obtained her international passport and headed to the airport so that she and her siblings can fly out to the UK.

After arriving, they could be seen playing on the streets of Britain while eating English snacks.

She further captioned the post; ‘Akpu girl in UK’

See her post:

Reacting, big_omah21 wrote; E no dey ever pass UK…Nigeria neighboring country 😂

mide_fwesh; Dear God, please provide for those who wants to leave Nigeria

im__eman_; I’m looking 👀 a very simple girl like her to bring over to Germany 🇩🇪 as wife

endylight1; This Agidi when I Dey sell go carry me enter abroad too. Make I put in more effort

juliet.aralu; This one be like facebook love ooo,its like she updated the pics on facebook guy man come fall in love with her hustle,oya ooo all the single ladies make una enter work oo😂😂😂

shubomii_fp; First thing tomorrow morning na to start fufu business 🤦‍♂️

headboywia_ikd; Naa d nigga send you money nd pay for your trip naa nd why you Dey lie now nd won make all fufu seller think say dem no Dey hustle abi 👏👏👏make Una Dey try lie small small naa

artemismrartems; UK is the easiest country to go…. Ghana hard to go compare to UK… UK is not for me. I am not interested in UK

vibe_with_annie1; Make una Dey try give update ontime, maybe if to say I don start the fufu business I for don Dey Uk now, he no good ooo make una Dey give us update ontime

amancoast; We no wan hear after everything I’ve done for you ooooo cause nah you carry fufu seller go UK OOO😂😂

Meanwhile, a man identified as Dave Partner has warned African parents about the dangers of sending their children abroad to study at an early age.

In an advisory video making the rounds online, he said any parent who send their kids to school in other countries too early have lost them forever.

According to Dave, the number of times they may see their son or daughter again might not be up to 10 times before they die.

He said the fact that some people are rich enough to send their wards to US, UK or Canada does not mean they should do it when they are still minors.

He explained that they get accustomed to the new sociaty they are living in, and embrace a foreign culture which is alien to that of an African home.

The business trainer said one of the factors which influences a child’s change in character is what he learns in school, either from teachers of his fellow students.

Dave Partner said that the parent might only be able to see them when they graduate or after getting married to a white lady.

He further said that they will also not be interested in taking over the family business because they did not learn anything about it from their mum or dad.

The man stressed that there are a lot of things that change the child overseas which are enough to make them become distant and detached from their roots.