Frustrated man kicks girlfriend and her children out of his house (Watch video)

A man has sent his girlfriend packing from his house with her children because he was fed up with her excesses.

He could be seen in a video taking out their belongings from his home and explaining the reason for their fallout.

The man, who was frustrated said he decided to forcefully kick her our after she repeatedly ignored his request for her to pack out.

According to the angry man, he was fed up with her attitude and tired of her always playing the victim.

He added that he pays all the bills in the house and yet she does not want to support the home in any way. He admitted that it was a hard for him to take because he loves her kids.

“I told this woman seven times to leave my house. Get out. It is over. I don’t want to be with her no more. I can’t be with you. You don’t want to do nothing for yourself. She don’t want to better herself. She want to sit around, play the victim and act like I am the problem.

“She living with me, I am paying all the bills. She got her kids here. I even accept her kids. I have no kids. I treated her kids like mine. Tasha, you got to go. She comes in whenever she wants to,” he said.

See the clip:

Similarly, a Nigerian woman has revealed that her younger sister demanded she leaves her house because she gave her advice to live a morally upright life.

The elder sister said she told the younger one to stop inviting different men to her house and she felt offended to the point that she decided to send her packing.

In a video posted on social media, the siblings could be seen arguing as the owner of the house carried her sister’s bag out to the verandah.

She accused the little sibling of being disrespectful, but in response, the younger sister said that she should carry the respect and go out. She insisted that an older sibling is not supposed to be living in the house of her little sister.

The complainant went outside and brought her bag back into the house as she continued to protest and express displeasure at the house owner’s behaviour. Mixed reactions trailed the clip as some said they believe the drama was staged.