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Frustrated man engages female prankster in hot pursuit as she runs away with his food and drink



A young Nigerian lady has been captured on tape playing a dangerously funny prank on a man who was eating at a canteen.

The female prankster made him angry when she took a sip from his drink and dipped her hand into his food to take a few bites.

He confronted the woman over her weird behaviour but being that it was a prank, she kept acting strangely.

Just as he was about to continue eating, she carried the last piece of meat in his plate, his bottle of soft drink and took to her heels.

Without hesitation, he began to chase after her and the incident became a source of humour for many.

Sharing the clip, NaijaPR wrote; ”What would you do if this situation???”

Watch the video below:

@quincydehustler; 😂ppl wah normal no remain again i swr down

@mayyor_; I go just know say Na prank ones, Na to go find the camera man seize the phone

@thebigthugboy; I for don know say na prank😂😂 And the way I go give am smackdown ehn

@lawizy; I want to see the end because I’m sure what’s coming next is a sliding tackle

@_moustafa_awl; How can she even run like that 😂😂😂

@TheGrinchHd; the guy for use that opportunity evade payment na😂😂

@cryptoc76477818; Babe sit down lets eat together. There is love 💕 in sharing.

Another viral video captured a mother playing a ghost prank on two of her children.

She put her kids, a boy and girl in a room and quickly stormed out leaving them inside all alone.

Immediately she was out, a ghost created with effects appeared behind the kids and it scared the spirit out of their bodies.

The two of them tried to run out of the room but on touching the door knob, they realised it was locked.

The fake ghost started hovering over their heads and being that the children were trapped without any foreseeable escape route, they began to cry profusely.

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