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Fresh graduate celebrates by snapping at family’s old house, vows to build new one



A lady who just graduated from the university has marked the special occasion by remembering her roots.

She went back to the old family house where her parents trained her and from which they sent her to school.

The graduate, in a post on social media, made an open declaration to her mum that she has finally made it.

She noted that she is now in a position to build a more befitting house for her family.

Sharing a photo of the young lady, Squad Magazine wrote: “Mama, I made it… Now I can afford to build a proper house for my family.”

Meanwhile a young man named Oludare Alaba made headlines within the week when he stormed Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomosho, Oyo state, to return his certificate.

He visited institution to not just return his certificate but also demand refund of his school fees because years after graduating, he has been unable to secure a job.

A video which went viral showed when he presented the document to the University staff, noting that the certificate had not yielded him any financial gain.

Alaba has broke silence few days ago and spoke on the reason for his action in an interview with Nigerian Tribune.

He said that frustration pushed him to do it and he did not want to consider the only other option which was to do voodoo or blood money.

“I cannot do blood money because I was to be useful to Nigeria, my family, myself, and God,” the graduate said.

The young man also disclosed that his father borrowed money to sponsor his education due to his inability to raise a loan for him.

The LAUTECH graduate added that he has an entertaining skill which won him an award during his youth service but he cannot monetize it now because he is not able to raise a capital to start his own outfit.

According to Alaba, his father confronted him about his ambition and said he ought to be reaping his labour on him already. On hearing that, the young man to burst into tears.

He stated that he wanted his school to give him all the school fees he had spent in exchange for the “useless” certificate so he can use money to do something tangible.

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