Free Will Smith – 50 Cent reacts to Jada Pinkett-Smith’s revelations

American Hip Hop superstar, 50 Cent has weighed in on the drama surrounding Hollywood couple, Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

She had disclosed some controversial revelations in some recent interviews, which included that she and Will have been divorced since 2016. Jada also said she was shocked when her husband slapped comedian during the Oscars two years ago as she thought it was a skit.

In another part of the interview, the mother-of-two disclosed that Chris once asked her out because he thought they were getting a divorce at the time.

50 Cent Jada free Will Smith

Jada said; “I think every summer all the reports would come out that me and Will were getting a divorce. And this particular summer, Chris, he thought that we were getting a divorce. So he called me and basically he was like, ‘I’d love to take you out.’

And I was like, ‘What do you mean?’ He was like, ‘Well, aren’t you and Will getting a divorce?’ I was like, ‘No. Chris, those are just rumors.’ He was appalled. And he profusely apologized and that was that.”

There was another article where the actress revealed that in her teenage years she used to sell a lot of hard drugs, particularly cocaine.

Reacting to the series of expose’s, 50 Cent started a ‘Free Will Smith’ movement online while trying to find out what was really happening between the celebrity couple.

The rapper wrote; “Alright enough is an enough FREE WILL SMITH! 👀 WTF is going to on #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi”