Forgive VeryDarkman and release him – Saida Boj appeals to authorities (Video)

Controversial social media influencer, Saida Boj has left many stunned as she calls for the release of online activist, Martins Vincent Otse also known as VeryDarkman.

The two influencers have never hidden the fact that there is no love lost between them, however, as VeryDarkman undergoes his legal ordeal, she decided to put their rift aside and advocate for him.

Forgive VeryDarkman and release him - Saida Boj appeals

In a video posted online, Saida called out Nigerians for abandoning the same VDM they praise online and wondered why they are not fighting for his freedom.

According to her, the activist has a good heart and irrespective of his controverial comments and clashes, he has always fought for poor people without collecting payment for his services.

Saida begged Nigerians to forgive him, and suggested that a photo of VeryDarkman be circulated until it reaches the appropriate authorities that can guarantee his release.

Watch her speak:

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poshest_hope; You wey dem never forgive Dey beg for another person forgiveness 😂 Omo!!!

fineboyzcomedy; Person wey suppose beg for forgiveness dey help another person beg😂😂😂 this country!😂😂😂

itschinnybaby2; Omoh we like distractions in this Country sha. For God’s sakes,even if you want to initiate a movement for VDM,is this the right timing for your shinenniganz??? Haba now.

andra_oscar; This girl must really think her opinion matters…..the expression when she said forgive darkman…

funkeyi; I don’t even care for what she’s saying or not saying but she needs to understand that her voice is quite annoying and piercing my eardrums in a very uncomfortable way. Use a soothing tone for your contents you’re a fine girl not a screeching car or metal.