Forbes Under 30 celebrated Nigerian, Obinwanne Okeke (Invictus Obi) arrested by FBI for fraud, Nigerians react

Forbes Under 30 celebrated Nigerian, Obinwanne Okeke (Invictus Obi) arrested by FBI for fraud, Nigerians react

Nigerians have taken to social media to react after the news of Forbes-celebrated Nigerian, Obinwanne Okeke (invictus obi) being arrested by the FBI in the U.S over $12 million wire fraud broke out.

Obinwanne Okeke was arrested after a thorough investigation by the enforcement agency.

His arrest has sparked serious reactions from Nigerians online. See some reactions below;

>>> Ashey yahoo yahoo lomo naa… Ogbeni invictus obi, forbes list was getting boring, so he jumped to FBI list.

>>> One thing I took away from the Invictus Obi fraud is that the FBI can get any information about your online existence if they want. They can log into your email address, check your search history, check your SM pages etc. Don’t commit fraud.
There’s nothing like online privacy.

>>> Lesson from Invictus Obi: Don’t ENVY anyone who is on Forbes list!!
I have always questioned the criteria. From Forbes list to FBI list? Dayuuuuum Dey your dey. #invictusobi

>>> Invictus Obi’s holds a BA in Forensic Criminology with DISTINCTION and now he is being held for crimes he committed.

>>> A fraudster made Forbes Africa under 30 list and was on LSE African Summit.We have to ‘Stan’ invictus Obi at this point. He unlocked a new fraud level.

>>> Invictus Obi – He aspired to inspire, then decided to conspire and now he will perspire because plans don backfire and now FBI don acquire the documents whey dem go use enquire. Forbes list membership don expire and shame don catch una whey dey admire.

>>>The entire case na wahala.

US Judge: What evidences do you have against Mr Invictus Obi
FBI: Presents A4 page detailed affidavit with dates and time.
Nigerian Judge: What evidence do you have against this guy
SARS: He has dreadlocks, tattoos, keeps beards, uses an iPhone & earrin

>>> Some of you on here are dunce. You actually feel because FBI just bursted Invictus Obi that meant nobody knew he was a fraudster in Nigeria.😃 You all need to return to facebook and be sensible for once. No secret in Nigeria on how you amassed wealth except you don’t step on toes

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