Flavour grants staunch female fan automatic access to join his live music session

Nigerian Highlife singer, Chinedu Okoli better known as Flavour has granted automatic access to a lady, to join his live band session.

He invited the lady known on Twitter as @MarinatedTurks, after a fan pleaded for him to choose her because she is a diehard fan.

Flavour grants staunch female fan automatic access to join his live session

Flavour wrote; “I have another live session coming up soon and I need the ladies to be my guests this time. Umu oma kwadonu”.

The fan who advocated for her, wrote; “@MarinatedTurks ijele, she is a fan. Your live session with Umu palliative will not be complete without her. Biko nnaaa!”

In response, the ‘Nwa Baby’ crooner wrote; “@MarinatedTurks Hmm everyone is calling you. Undisputed 😉 We’ll skip protocol for you nne. Automatic access. ❤️”

In another news…

CorrectNG recalls that a Nigerian lady broke down in tears after receiving the whopping sum of N1 million from popular singer, Spyro.

The ‘Who’s Your Guy’ hit maker gifted her the money for being a loyal fan who often promotes him. The lady known as Favour said she woke up to a credit alert on Monday.

The music star recalled a time the young lady waited in the rain to meet him when he flew to Abuja and this moved him deeply.

Spyro wrote; “Congratulations once again @success.m.favour … I will add 800k to make 1m and this is why 👇 Noticed her earlier this year as she never gets tired of posting me ,she posts me atleast 3 times a day on her story and she doesn’t even care whether I repost or not she just keeps posting ,she went ahead to open a fan page also posting aggressively up there … I was in Abuja for a show ,she came all the way and stood in the rain just to meet me.

“I asked my protocol @ojowire “who is this girl in the rain wearing a vest with my face in front of my car” they said she is here to see you 😳 i immediately told them to put her in the 2nd car and she kept following me all through the event ,she wouldn’t let me out of her sight *lol …

Yesterday I announced a give away and as I was going through the comments to pick winner ,her name dropped in my heart and I knew it immediately that it was her day 😊 congratulations girl ,you are now part of my family and do not hesitate to reach out anytime in need … and oh I see the pic frame of me in your house 🙏🏿 Oshey ,love you girl.”