Five reasons you should avoid dating broke people – Ike Onyema

Big Brother Naija two-time contestant, Ike Onyema has urged financially stable people not to date those who are broke.

He listed five reasons to stay away from broke people in a post on his Instagram story where he also showed off some dollar bills.

Ike claims that broke partners are not supportive, in addition to that he said they are exhausting and unappreciative irrespective of what you do for them.

Ike Onyema date broke people

The controversial US-returnee noted that people suffering from brokennes have a sense of entitlement. He also described broke people as attention seekers, pointing out that they expect 24 hours attention.

Ike Onyema wondered why anyone in their right senses will settle for broke people when there are many smart and hardworking individuals in the society.

He wrote: “Some reasons you should avoid dating broke people, starting from the fact that they are not supportive; they are also draining and lack gratitude irrespective of what you do for them.

They almost always have a Sense of Entitlement, They expect 24 hours attention. There are tons of smart, hardworking ppl out there ready to mingle. So why settle for the broke pple??”

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Don't date broke people Ike Onyema

In similar news…

Last year, Priscilla Ojo the daughter of popular Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, said she can’t date a man she is richer than.

The brand influencer said she is rich, makes her own money and as such, needs a man in her financial bracket who will be able to support her.

According to Priscilla, if someone is not adding any value in her life, she cannot be friends with the person neither can she be in a relationship with them.

“If you’re not adding any value to my life, we can’t be friends talk less of relationship. You have to support me in one way or the other. I post my business, you support, you patronise me and I support you too”, she said.