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Firm gives single female employees over 30 years ‘dating leave’ to find love



A company in Shanghai, China makes it a practice to give their single women employees who are over the age of 30 annual leave to go out and find love.

The company called Song Dynasty Town gives the female employees who are not in a relationship an extra eight days of leave to date over the New Year holiday, which is a peak time for blind dates.

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According to The Washington Post, Chinese women who are not married by the time they reach their late twenties are labelled “Sheng nu”, which translates to “leftover women”.

This suggests that women who are single at this age were not “good enough” to be married by that time.

The “leftover women” made their careers a priority, but sometimes find themselves creating fake stories about having a man in their life. Others would ask their employers to give them more work so they could avoid going home without a partner for the holidays.

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There has even been a spike in women getting treatment for anxiety because of this.

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