Firm accidentally compensates customer with N3m instead of 500 Naira (Screenshots)

A Nigerian lady has revealed that a popular food delivery firm credited her account with N3 million in error, as compensation for a subpar service.

The young woman known as @_Linda_Ime on Twitter, said she ordered food through Chowdeck but the dispatch rider spilled it, so the company offered to compensate her with N500.

Much to the customer’s surprise, she got a credit alert of 3 million naira. Linda decided to send the company a message informing them of the mistake.

She shared screenshots of the transaction to proof her claim and also posted her conversation with a customer service representative.

Company accidentally compensates customer with N3m

In her words; “This is the most hilarious experience I’ve had in my life. Chowdeck was supposed to compensate me with 500 naira because the rider spilled my meal.

I don’t know the who the joker in accounting department is that credited my wallet with 3million Naira.”

Linda added; “I don tell them sha. Make them no find money wey no lost.”

In the chat, the customer rep wrote; “I understand that the meal you received from the vendor arrived in a messy state, and I apologize for how disappointing that must have been.

I am deeply sorry that you had such an experience, and we will work to prevent this from happening again. In the meantime, we would like to offer a 500 NGN top-up to your wallet for your next meal. Once again, I am so sorry for the inconvenience caused.”

The customer responded; “Hi, thank you for the compensation. I think your finance department made a mistake coz I’m seeing 3 million in my wallet. I think you’ve overpaid my wallet.”

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Company accidentally compensates customer with N3m