Find a man for me – Nigerian lady appeals to St. Anthony of Padua

A Nigerian lady simply identified as Stephanie, has made a special request from Saint Anthony of Padua.

The young woman passionately appealed to the Patron saint of lost things to help her find a man to love and cherish.

St. Anthony is usually invoked whenever someone wants something found or they’re seeking the return of lost property.

On Tuesday, June 13 was the feast of St Anthony of Padua, which was celebrated by the Catholic Church around the world.

Stephanie, who is a practicing Catholic, took to her Twitter page, and noted that she is tired of being single.

She wrote; “Me I just want st Anthony to find man for me🥺, me I think I’m tired of single life”

In reaction, @ZedexBoss said; Husband will come dear, better one oh no be all these fairly used men. Clean tear rubber responsible and good husband like me. God will do it this year. Amen.

@nonyeagudozie; Makes sense! Nne Abeg make we do the novena! St Anthony, find man, shebi na our missing rib ni.

In other news, self-styled love doctor, Tufab, has said a man is allowed to encounter only three good women in his lifetime.

He said the reason is because one could mistakenly abuse the first opportunity of being with a woman of value, so he gets a second chance.

Doctor Tufab explained that if a man meets another good lady, there is a chance he may not be truly ready to settle down with her.

However, if he meets another and fumbles that last chance, then he should just forget about genuine love because girls of easy virtue that he will meet till his old age.

Tufab said; “You’re only allowed 3 good women in this life. You will mistakenly abuse the opportunity of the first one, maybe the second you weren’t really ready.

Once you play with the 3rd one, my brother just turn Gay. Cause na Ashawo you go dey meet till you old finish.”

Meanwhile, Tunde Ednut urged men to protect the woman they have because there is a scarcity of quality women in the society.

He wrote; “Na werey and Wookup plenty for town now Oo! Protect that good woman Oo! and behave yourself as well. God bless you.”