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Final year DELSU Student gets rusticated unjustly by school authority for standing against lecturer’s extortion, tries to fight the injustice and gets missing days after – Friends cry out



This has been brought to our notice at A young Nigerian, Osula Daniel Enahoro, a 500 Level student of Delta State University, Abraka, has been allegedly rusticated for rising up against lecturer’s extortion of students in the university.

It is learnt that Osula Daniel Enahoro has however gone missing after he posted on Facebook that he has just been arrested on 5th February, 2018.[AdSense-B]

A colleague of Osula Daniel Enahoro, Ejiofor Jeanne-Natasha Joan-Aries, took to Facebook to share the story. She wrote;

Osula Daniel Enahoro is a Nigerian whose whereabouts are unknown right now. He was last seen on February 5th, on Facebook when he made a short post saying that he had been arrested.

The genesis of Daniel’s trails began in his final year, when the HOD of the Civil Engineering Department, Delta State University, Mr. Hillary Owamah, began to extort his students who were working on their final project. Being a very vocal person, Daniel spoke up and the HOD decided to punish him. A test which saw him scoring the highest was re-taken and he failed it. This automatically translated to an F in said course. Daniel reported to the relevant authorities, but nothing was done.

He came on Facebook to air his grievances, and it got the school authorities angry. The HOD alleged that Daniel threatened him and the DSS invited him for questioning a number of times. The school set up a panel and met with him severally. But nothing positive came out of such meetings.

After a period of back and forth with the school management, Daniel was asked to spend an extra year in school; for a course he did not fail. At first, he refused. He tried to fight the verdict, but he was advised to just get it over and done with.

A couple of weeks ago, he solicited for funds and paid for the extra year. Then DELSU decided to show her hand. A publication was made on the school website. Daniel Osula Enahoro was rusticated in 500 level, for ‘breaching of matriculation oath.’ Now, he shared the oath on his timeline and there was no such clause.

His only crime was going public with his issue. Of course, he vowed to fight the evil verdict. But from all indications, someone is not taking any chances. Daniel has always been a law-abiding citizen, so nobody needs a seer to know who arrested him.

Now, the problem is that, not even his family has heard from him since then, and that’s very worrisome. This country and it’s system has failed us. But we cannot let them kill us off too.

Please, this is also an appeal to anyone who can or knows somebody who could help. Daniel has nobody to speak for him. We are giving him a voice on social media. But it is not enough. He did not deserve to be expelled. He needs to fight that verdict. We are here on earth for all of us. If you can help this young man with a promising future, I beg you, do not look away from this case. Those in authority have gotten away with a lot of atrocities for too long. They should not be allowed to get away with this too. Nobody deserves to have five years of struggling in a Nigerian university flushed down the drain, for speaking out against injustice. It could be anybody tommorow. If you cannot help, someone on your list could.”

Before his alleged arrested on 5th of February, Osula Daniel Enahoro made the following Facebook posts accordingly;

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