Fight breaks out in family after man won N152 million lottery (Video)

An African American man won $20,000 (N152,000,000) lottery and informed his family of his win but they refused to celebrate with him.

The matter caused a serious quarrel in their home as they were divided on the matter, with some saying he did not deserve the money, while others said he would not share it with them.

The man’s grandmother did not believe he genuinely won $20,000 as she referred to the money as an investment in him.

It was the second time of him winning that amount of money, and his family were not happy because apparantly he did not share the first one with them.

A video trending on social media shows the moment he was confronting his grandma about her position on the matter, while other members of the family were fighting over their claim.

He wondered why she was angry at him for winning the lottery and said that he cannot wait to come home with the cash.

“So you mad that I won $20,000 for the second time, I can’t wait to come back with the 20 thousand dollars”, he asked.

His grandma responded; “You ain’t won shii, they knew you had that money, they invested that money.”

Someone in the background scolded him for talking back to their grandmother but he tried to defend himself by pointing out how she was speaking to him.

Watch the video below:

In entertainment mews, singer David ”Davido” Adeleke has said he did not release ‘Timeless’ album with the intention of winning any award.

The superstar artiste stated this during an interview, however, he noted that if he were to win a Grammy award, he would be happy.

Davido was talking about the production of ‘Na Money’ which features The Cavemen and Angelique Kidjo.

According to OBO, he is a digital artiste and they recorded the song live because that is usually how The Caveman make their songs.

When asked if he thinks Timeless is a Grammy-worthy album, he said; “I mean if I win a Grammy I will be happy, but I didn’t make this album because I wanted to win anything.

I made this album going into it, you know happy, natural and grounded.”