Female student shocks colleague as she eats mound of fufu during lecture (Video)

A Nigerian female student has been captured on tape engaging in non-academic activities inside a lecture room.

She left her coursemates in amazement when she decided to bring out a bowl of fufu and soup which she ate hungrily while a lecturing was in class.

It reportedly happened that Osun state University.

A fellow student who sat behind her and felt her act was too entertaining to be ignored decided to film the lady as she was happily munching the food.

Interestingly, she was not concerned about what other students were thinking neither did she seem worried that the lecturer might catch her eating during a class.

Social media users who found the clip hilarious also penned their thoughts and some drew attention to another girl who was sleeping deeply close to her.

Watch the video below:

oluwakemi._o; Leave that one wey dey eat at least she’s still listening to lecture buh that one wey dey sleep😂😂😂bruh inside lecture room😂

debbychibby; Didn’t the lecturer perceive the aroma of the food to send her out. See the other one even sleeping🥹 You guys don’t rate education again 😢

omalichawa__; U guys don’t respect the educational system anymore….it’s not funny it’s giving mental

tuga_2smart; I don’t know how people comfortable eat fufu in a public( esp class)can’t you snack and take a chilled drink or maybe rice.

sirdollar; Na who dey alive dey receive lectures o…😂😂😂

obaksolo; What an IRONY. One dey eat, one dey Sleep while the others dey study😂😂😂😂😂

pa__carter; Some people are uncultured and indisciplined,how can you be eating in the class room and discomforting everyone with the smell of the food.
She even look archaic 🤮

ray15th; Na who belleful go fit understand wetin lecturer dey talk.

kelz_mama; Better than the sleeper😂😂😂

vendorsinlagosng; You can’t hold this type of hunger my dear

lupin_____h20; Make person no chop again wahala to go school for Nigeria na.