Female student shares how she bravely caught thief in the bush

A Nigerian student has taken to microblogging site, Twitter to narrate how she chased after a phone thief and caught him in school.

The young lady with handle @miidee_ said she saw another lady pursuing a boy into a bush around Geriatrics in UCH. She noted that she did not know what was happening at first until the girl shouted that he was a thief.

Mide said she immediately engaged in a hot pursuit but he met some security guards ahead as he was running and he tried to play smart by saying that a thief was chasing him.

According to the student, she and the security men eventually caught the suspect and collected the phone he stole.

On July 14, she narrated; “Craziest thing just happened. Just caught a thief. I don’t think I’ve ever had to run the way I ran tonight.

I don reach my room. So, I was taking a stroll, then at the Geriatrics side in UCH, I Saw a babe chasing a boy from inside that bush. I was confused at first, then she sha shouted that he’s a thief, that’s how I started running after him.

There were some security men in front. As he was running, he was telling them that a thief is after him. I just shouted “Ole” from the back. The babas were like “Ole da” I was like “ole gan gan niyen”. That how this thief started running faster. Me too spoke to my legs!

The security men and I sha caught up with him at that HOR 2 side. Collected the babe’s phone. The men at the guest house came out already to hold him down. Took him to the UCH security guys already. My legs are still shaking.

Also, the girl she helped took to her comment section to show appreciatoion.

@dhaybiey wrote; I’ve been looking for ways to reach you 🥺…. I was the one you helped….. Thank you

another user @Ashaniyan commented; “I am literally that girl, anything I put my mind into, I do it”, you didn’t lieeee😭

@Maranatha_Ann; I saw the thief (a young boy) at the gate when a man was beating him.

@king_james1111; She caught thief, yay. But you can’t catch someone who’s about to steal your heart or who steals your heart always. Well done, spider woman.

Meanwhile in another news….

A lady identified as Doris Kendris has revealed how she single-handedly nabbed and bundled a thief that broke into her mum’s shop at night.

She revealed that she was able to tie him up and decided to wait till the next morning before taking another action. The young photographer shared photos of the suspected thief who was bound with a rope and a part of the store door which he damaged trying to gain access into the store.

Doris, who described herself as wonder woman, gave an update hours later that he had been carried away by neighbours.

She wrote; “Guysssssss😭 I just caught a thief that came to steal from my mom’s shop. Long story short I have tied him and waiting for morning to reach.”

Doris added; “Update. People are awake now and he has been taken away. I’m Okay. (You can call me Wonder Woman shaa😕)”