Female soldiers humiliate, assault man for shooting his shot (Watch video)

A group of female military officers have been seen in a video assaulting a man who made advances at one of them.

There were three soldiers, two women and a man who humiliated him by instructing him to do certain things against his will.

In the clip, one of them queried him for having the audacity to woo an Army woman, but all the while this was happening, he remained mute.

When the female officers asked him to smile and he refused, they started to smack him and flog his body with a belt.

The incident has generated controversy on social media as many are outraged over the abuse of power.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, official_ezebtc1; This is not nice at all, very inhumane. A very good example of violation of rights and power. If a male soldier does this to a female civilian I bet my data won’t rest today, blogs would carry it and he’ll definitely get arrested. If someone woos you and you do not like the person say no and bounce. Just see Wetin u turn a big grown man into all because he likes you and walked up to you. No worry, u deserve whatever karma throws at you. Selah ❤️❤️❤️

bmaxchange; The Entire Nigeria ARMY needs a thorough Restructuring ! ZERO TRAINING, ZERO ORIENTATION!

calebezekiel04; I always say that the Nigerian uniform men & women, especially the Military & Police needs to be re-educated & restructured. He toast soldier, so soldier no be human being right ? May God help Nigeria bcos this madness is incomprehensible.

onlyrealevansjay; Lmao I still don’t get what’s the issue here ,he toasted you simply say no what’s all this snapping and posting about?if he had transferred money to you now you’ll be shining teeth like werey bunch of fools

mussina08; Whalai talai, you go understand wetin dem Dey call juju if I come back. SMH 🤦🏿 you go treat me like this? I go inflict something in you wey you go misbehave go knack your papa for house. Aje

king_zuggi_; Can’t never be me shall. D way I go tke fight them like mad man ehn. D boy soldier go run leave them. Rubbish. U b God wey them nr fit ask u out?