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Female soldier dehumanizes 2 men for scratching her car in Lagos



Nigeria soldier identified as Patricia Ajie, subjected two men who happened to be a driver and his conductor, to an extreme in humane treatment on Tuesday.

Local reports show that she punished the men simply because they used their bus to scratch her car’s side mirror under Dopemu bridge in Lagos.

Ajie, after making them pay for damages, went ahead to instruct them to clean her boot before ordering them to lie down inside a muddy water and forced them to drink it.[AdSense-A]

The officer was also accused of harassing those who tried recording the incident.

In the video, the two men could bee seen lying in the dirty pool of water and it was just demeaning as no one could come forward to bail them out.

The soldier has actually come under serious backlash on social media since the video went viral.

According to some comments gathered on Instagram, most Nigerians believe her act is simply as a result of the degradation in the country’s judicial system. According to some people, if this incident happened in a saner clime, the soldeir would never have the thought of dehumanizing these men

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